Hikerdelic AW23 Preview

We’ve asked around and nobody really knows where the phrase ‘hiding your light under a bushell’ originates. We had to google it. But we all agreed it was true of Proper’s attitude towards our very own brand Hikerdelic.

Keen to allow both of our creations to breathe independently, we’ve always drawn a distinct line between both Proper and Hikerdelic, despite the fact they origin from the same brains, the same physical office and the same influences. Probably means we’re pretty talented doesn’t it? A magazine, a website, an agency, a clothing brand?

Anyway, our reticence to share our recent work under the Hikerdelic moniker is shelved, possibly temporarily, as we thought it’d be fair to share some of the impending releases from our AW23 range. Easily our best yet. On sale next week, probably. Maybe. Don’t tell anyone.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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