Hikerdelic SS24 Imagines a Utopian Future

Our own brand Hikerdelic’s Spring/Summer collection imagines a utopian future because why not?

Think self-sufficient space hippies at one with nature, a future with widespread peace and love, and an understanding of the value of being in harmony with nature.

Our research delves into the overwhelming urge to protect our planet and ecosystems, specifically the importance of bees, trees and our diminishing coral reef. We pondered on how Mother Nature’s helping hand could once again envelope the human race, providing natural remedies in a slow and wholesome lifestyle. Told you it was utopian.

As ever, the early 70s is an inspirational era to us, despite the fact none of the design team were born then. Maybe that’s what it is. Digging into the distant past to examine a future that was imagined before any of us came along. Deep, man.

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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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