Hikerdelic x Moomin to Finnish the Year

From our 2nd floor command centre in the world’s first industrial suburb, a variety of exciting plans are laid out.

While our core commitment is to write about things we like, both here on this website, on social media and in print, Proper isn’t the only focus for us these days. Having worked for an impressive array of brands on a consultancy and content creation basis, a few years ago we felt it was time to put a little bit of muscle behind our hustle, and Hikerdelic was born. Though its journey has so far been relatively short, its roots date back to 2012, when a whimsical tweet first coined the phrase and it stuck enough for us to realise we should register our ownership of it.

Since starting with some popular printed tees, we’ve worked on some pretty game-changing collaborative projects with Kickers, Yogi, Barbour and Tim Burgess. The only thing that outweighs our ambition for world domination is our ambition to do it right. That means retaining the ability to surprise with our collaborations, but also keeping close to our core DNA.

It was through this our partnership with Moomin Characters was born.

Everyone knows about the Moomins. Few childhoods have escaped some form of exposure to Tove Jansson’s esoteric creations.

Their first appearance was in 1947 in the children’s section of the Ny Tid newspaper, and they were introduced internationally to English readers in 1954 in the popular London newspaper The Evening News. Tove Jansson drew and wrote all the strips until 1959. All but one of the Moomin books were translated into English in the 1960s and 1970s, and by the 1980s numerous versions of Moomin animations had been created, further spreading the word of their strange and interesting world.

It’s a world that continues to be controlled by the Jansson family today, and with advances from the likes of Disney turned down it looks set to remain close to its roots for generations to come.

Today, the world of Moomin continues to resonate with the young and old, male and female. It’s this wide appeal that makes Moomin the perfect partner for Hikerdelic.

There is obvious synergy between our own appreciation for the outdoors and that of the world Jansson created. Via Hikerdelic, we also like the idea that a simple hike is an activity many are able to indulge in, at their own pace and under their own steam. It is accessible and doesn’t discriminate. These are characteristics we feel Moomin possesses too.

A series of drops starts on 1st December when the first release of Moomin by Hikerdelic is launched at

It comprises of a unisex range of clothing, including tees, sweats, a scarf and outdoor mugs.

Spring 2024 will see the next chapter in our partnership, more of which will be revealed in due course.

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