Homeware Highlights from Parasol

Do you need to make your appreciation of Hygge bigger?

Do you even know what it is? Don’t worry, you don’t need to. It’s basically relaxing at home with lots of nice things around you, but typically, the Scandinavian’s have a word for it, and that word is Hygge. Trust them.

Whether it’s grabbing seats from the shed or sheets from the bed, we all need our home comforts.

As a retailer which began focusing on the journeys we all take, Parasol have taken a breath this last year and expanded their own journey to include the metaphorical as well as the physical. Given nobody has been able to travel very far, that’s a natural move anyway. So as you commute from couch to kitchen, Paraol have put together a nice edit of homeware to surround yourself with as you continue to embrace a new work/life balance.

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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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