How to save energy, combat cold and make your house even nicer

Anyone in the UK will have to have been dwelling beneath some kind of hard stone structure to miss the media noise surrounding rising energy prices of late. We’re not here to make a political point, largely because we’d be stating the obvious. No, we’re a bit more pragmatic and practical than that.

As we examine our own output of heat we’ve been discussing how we can do what we do but in a better way. One such method is by writing features such as this. Sharing a post about a very, very nice piece of outerwear will always be of interest, but we reckon we’ve got enough combined experience and insight to give you a bit more than that. Consequently, we’ll be sharing a few more lists, round-ups etc from here on out. They’ll be amusing, helpful, engaging and interesting. Or at least, that’s what we’ll be trying to do.

To start, we’re contemplating the 2 year anniversary of lockdown and an evolved relationship with our homes by suggesting some things which might make your behind closed doors moments that bit more golden. The grown up subject of rising energy prices makes it all the more prescient.

So anyway, we’ve put a little list of things we’ve found on our travels about the web, which will address at least a couple of the current concerns, of which there are admittedly quite a lot. But, we’ve got to start somewhere.

Eucalyptus Weighted Blanket

Apparently, this has eucalyptus somehow woven into it, which should have a calming effect. Also, it’ll keep you lovely and warm. Made by Mela

Check it out here

Fells Andes Rugs

Insulation is key, whichever form it takes. Anyone who has camped outdoors will know the ground can get very cold without a barrier between you and it. Your home may be slightly better prepped for the freezing floor problem, but a nice rug will add an additional barrier. This one is from a brand called Fells Andes

Get yours here

Hay Mono Blanket

Oh, Goodhood, stop it. Stop doing that thing you do. That thing where you make potentially unexciting items (case in point, a grey marl square on a screen) an absolute must. This screams comfort, to me.

Get from Goodhood

Rumpl Sherpa Printed Puffy Blanket

Look, it rolls up. This makes it ideal for picnics, camping and doing that thing where you go to the park with a book and pretend to enjoy the sunshine, when secretly you’re preoccupied by all the bees and flies and that. Good though, this, from Rumpl.

See this and more at Parasol

Pendleton Yamika Throw

The King of blankets is Pendleton and tbhwy that’s all you need to consider.

Check it out now at Yards.

Snow Peak Down Takibi Blanket

Another effort from Rumpl, but this time hand in hand with those luxury outdoor comfort dons at Snow Peak

Get one here

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