HUF Snack Chair in Woodland Camo

Went in the little shed the other day. Had to fight off a falling Christmas tree and got savaged by a rusty barbecue. Is it all worth it just to wrestle the worst deckchairs in the world out for another summer outing?

Answer: Is it heckers like.

Unless you’re OCD and you’ve got everything indexed and perfectly placed in a clinical outdoor storage facility, it’s a perennial problem. I’ll have the same sketch in December when I’m trying to decide whether the Christmas tree looks a bit too sorry for itself as I throw deckchairs onto the patio in anger. It’s all very well bemoaning this sort of thing but what’s the solution?

Well, this could be one. Streetwear and skate fellas HUF have done a really nice chair that packs away into its own handy bag. The brand itself was founded by Keith Hufnagel (which is an anagram of Fraggle Rock, probably) and has honest to goodness skate roots. But you’re not bothered about that are you? You just want to enjoy the sun on a nice seat without getting all plastic pine needles in your eyes.

Well anyway, here it is. Get one. It’s suave.


HUF at Wellgosh

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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