Hummel X MITA Sneakers – Danish Pastry Marathona

I was in Copenhagen just last week and let me tell you, that is one smashing country. Consistently voted the happiest place on earth, it was absolutely freezing but I didn’t see one person crying about it. Everyone rides a bike and most of them trust each other so much, they don’t even lock them up. It’s lovely. Also lovely is the recent work of Danish brand Hummel. Yep, they of the dead nice football kits fame.

Inspiration for colourways and whatnot have long since gone slightly mental but they often end up looking lovely. Think Saucony’s burger thing for one. Now Hummel have mined their Danish DNA and done themselves proud with these pastry pumps. And yes, they’re really tasty.

The Danish Pastry Marathona releases today on and select premium stores like HANON, AFEW, Overkill, Titolo and Par5.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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