In all its glory – Knickerbocker NYC

Transparency is a rare thing in fashion, much rarer than it should be and rarer than hopefully it will be in the future. Brands will argue we should trust them and it’s their prerogative to suit themselves with factories while suiting you in… you know… clothes.

Knickerbocker are one of a few who would rather just take their cards out of their pocket and lay them out on the table. With an ethos of honesty and accountability, they’re a brand after my own heart. Their borderline poetic words regarding lessons learned as a child regarding treating people how you’d like to be treated resonate enough to make me want to look at their brand more. Any clothing which carries the unspoken DNA that says “Just be sound, don’t be a dickhead” (my words obviously), is alright by me.

Also, it helps that the gear is actually very nice.

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Mark Smith

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