Increase the Fleece – ft. Stussy, Gramicci and more

What’s the phrase about God laughing at your plans or something? Basically, that. We sat down last week to think about what to start writing about, with Autumn/Winter in mind and fleeces sprang forth off the pages of many a website and off we went. Then the heatwave hit. Nice one, weather. Still, this is an opportune time to put a marker down on anything you might want later in the season, so think on.

Stussy Sherpa Reversible Fleece
Looking like something vaguely volcanic, this and the Gramicci one that follows were our justification for pulling together a fleece roundup, so attracted to them we were.
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Gramicci Sherpa Jacket
Saw this in person at their new London store recently and instantly wanted it. It’s got a pattern that Spiderman would wear if he was a reptile rather than an arachnid, though he wouldn’t be Spiderman then, would he? Not thought this through. You get the idea though.
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Kavu Teannaway Fleece
The vast array of choice in this particular fleece is staggering and enough to cause consternation. We’ve gone for this one but could have chosen any of the large amount available at the Kavu site.
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Patagonia Lightweight Synchilla Fleece
A fleece round up without the inclusion of a Patagonia Synchilla would frankly be a colossal waste of all of our times.
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Pop Trading Company Plada Fleece Jacket
From the peacocking provided by colourful efforts to this stealthy, reversible entry from the Netherlands.
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Foret Aurora Sherpa Jacket
Foret is just a really lovely brand, that embraces the outdoors without making you think it all looks a bit like hard work.
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ST95 Zip Fleece
This looks comfy, snug and suave. That’s surely the whole point of a fleece, isn’t it?
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