Indoor Footwear is now cool and here’s why

Generally speaking, footwear is made to perform the dual duties of protecting your feet and aiding your ability to walk without falling over. There are obviously many types available, perhaps more now than ever. One often overlooked category is the slipper. It is to winter what the sandal is to summer, a seasonally appropriate solution to your first world footwear problems.

Slippers though? Really, come on. What is this, the 1970s? Who wears slippers these days? We’ve all got expensive socks and central heating. But then wait, since when did anything make actual sense in 2022?

Recently we’ve begun to notice the increasing pervasion of footwear variously named things like ‘house shoes’, ‘indoor comfort mules’ and ‘room shoes’. Whatever you want to call them though, they’re now definitely part of the pantheon of the modern male sartorial armoury. We’re not here to just make sweeping judgements on things though, we’ll back it up with cold, hard facts. Scroll down for evidence, all available at Oi Polloi.

The North Face Nuptse Corduroy Street Mule
Because looking like a Japanese Grandfather is a vibe.
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Gurus Cadiz Mule
Because looking like a Japanese Grandmother is also a vibe.
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Thing Fabrics Beach Sandal
Strictly speaking this is a sandal, but look at how luxurious that sort of towelling is.
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Birkenstock Boston Wool
These look well comfy, because they are well comfy.
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Gurus Valencia Boots
Another inclusion for Gurus, this time as a boot. You won’t want to put the bins out in this, just in case some bean juice goes on them.
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The North Face Thermoball
We can say with authority these are a definitely a necessity when it comes to camping.
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Chaco Chillos Clog
Perfect shoes for post pool, whether that be the wet kind or just chilling after a mammoth marathon wielding a cue.
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