Introducing… Darter Goods Co.

There’s got to be something in the Wi-Fi across the internet in the North West. It stretches just over the Pennines too. How else do you explain the procession of projects from a generation of lads whose shared interests were cemented online?

Magazines, clothing brands, music stuff, blogs, creative stuff all over the show. If only we could all get on we’d leather London, you know.

The latest creation follows a similar trajectory. The lads (Rob and Lee) behind jacket porn instagram Gear There Everywhere decided it was about time they made something together instead of telling everyone else what’s great. A mutual interest in vintage Americana was a route they chose to go down, and they found a willing partner in Adam Gill, who also shares their obsession.

The result is this first stab at making nice clothes, and unsurprisingly they’ve come up trumps.

This Sporting 31 t-shirt is based on the old Fighting 31 insignia. With the brand name itself inspired by the USS Darter, the roots are undoubtedly American, though their attention to detail demanded they were printed locally.

They’ve been on sale a few days already anyway, and if you like it you should probably get your skates on. I’m told they’re selling well and will undoubtedly sell out in time, especially at £26.

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