Introducing… Freemans Sporting Club

All the way from New York(shire), Freemans Sporting Club has just landed at The Hip Store over in Leeds.

Using all the watchwords of authenticity (artisans, handmade, skilled, art, ethos, bygone, etc) there is plenty of muscle behind the hussle. Made in New York and wearing its influences on its sleeve, it sits comfortably in the ballpark occupied by brands you probably already know about, we don’t need to mention them.

It’s not all star and stripe centric though. Their best-selling signature piece is named after a place where the cats have no tails – the Isle of Man. And its arrival on these shores at a reputable establishment like Hip means it’s definitely one to watch.

Suffice to say there’s something clear, considered and concise going on with Freemans Sporting Club. It’s about taking tradition forward.

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Mark Smith

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