Introducing Harry Stedman

Harry Stedman, a name which sounds like a boxing commentator, or wait… maybe a proper grafter? A man who is well travelled? Yes, that sounds right. That’s because that’s who Harry Stedman actually is and that’s why the brand takes its name from him.

MD Philip Stedman takes his designs from the 50’s and 60’s  – a time when many of the most ubiquitous items we see today began weaving their way. Post-war boom, sportswear, preppy, military and all that jazz. This time also coincided with the era when Harry Stedman – Philips’s father began weaving his own way around the globe. As a middle child with three siblings either side, he did what many Liverpudlian lads have done before and since. He decided to travel.

The brand which takes his name was formed last year in London, championing a mixture of English and American aesthetics, with a contemporary coat of thinking. The Drizzler jacket (pictured) is a good example of that.

Keep an eye out for more from Harry Stedman in the coming months, and for now, check the website at

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