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There was a time when seeking out something new meant getting off the sofa and following your nose.

Even then, you’d rarely go further than the local town or city. Now though, there’s a whole banquet of great clothing and culture in general at your fingertips via social media. You’re still following your nose, but your sense of smell is that bit better. Then when you run a magazine, sometimes there’s not quite as much searching to be done. Sometimes the good stuff comes to you.

That’s what happened with Nameless. We get sent so much information on new brands, very few cut the mustard. This one though… yeah, we can state with certainty that they’re up our street. With that in mind, we had a little chat with the people behind the brand.

So, tell us who the people behind Nameless are?

NAMELESS consist of 3 main people: Gleb – ideologist, founder and clothing designer; Vladimir – co-founder and art director; Alexander – smm, promotion and content specialist, also an editor of our printed Russian magazine about techwear and tech culture, called TECHUNTER.

We are all somehow connected with clothing and design. Gleb is an architect and he constantly draws analogies between these urban-athletic lifestyle and architecture forms. Vladimir is such a talented graphic designer, he can catch all Gleb’s ideas and turn them into visual forms for product presentation. Alexander – our Google service for info searching about techwear, and also our eyes and communication with foreign customers and friends – he is the only guy in team who knows English to a good speaking level.

What are your backgrounds and inspirations?

It started when Gleb moved to Moscow and was engaged in t-shirts design, and later production. He still works for a range of sport brands, making and regulating t-shirt production and other clothing orders. At the time, there was an idea in his head – why I can’t make something more than just tees with print? It all started with this idea. He called his friend Vladimir and offered to start a brand like no other in Russia. It would be directed to the strict quality and production only in Moscow.The first step was to create an audience – thus was born the TECHUNTER public page in Russian social network VK, which quickly gained popularity for translating foreign techwear interviews giving the information itself, and not only cool pictures. We very much appreciate the magazines, like yours, who writes about clothing. In the beginning, we used the Google translator for texts, edited them by our friends-editors, collected photos from all internet for telling information more fully and broadcasting in Russian the work of our foreign colleagues. That was very interesting.

So, we released the first printed issue where were mostly the pictures and some texts. Then we started to move in the direction of copyright content. From that moment Alexander came to team, who writes views and articles now, and also communicates with designers and brands for interviews. Meanwhile Gleb and Vladimir began to promote the idea of creating clothes. The first experience was unusual but a failure. We bought Korean white membrane and on the wave of hype doing clothing by garment dyed technology we sent our RAY_VN sample to Grunge John Orchestra dye shop. The result was amazing, but the membrane had lost its breathable function. At the moment, we understood: no cheap materials, no Asian mass-market materials. We focused on European manufacturers and subsequently connected with membrane producers from England and France, working in a business union.

How long has Nameless been in development for?

Here perhaps starts the story of how long NAMELESS was developed. Though we had finished anorak patterns – there were a lot of modifications. Our first constructor was incompetent in tech clothing. Then we met the alpine equipment manufacturers and the result was a new constructor and specialised production. NAMELESS designed by day and night. Gleb constantly spent time on conversations with European manufacturers online, rode to logistic companies stocks, drew sketches and gave patterns to the shop for sewing samples. At this time, Alexander and Vladimir worked on the graphic component of the brand – logos, arts, prints, articles, content etc. And also on new a magazine release. That was a hard period but we overcame it with great enthusiasm.

What sets Nameless apart from the rest of the market?

The honesty. We’re not lying that we sew here in our country and not by hands of labor migrants. We’re not lying that we carry fabrics from Europe. We’re not lying that for that moment 90% of our brand incomes and 90% of our earnings (we still work on different jobs parallel) go to NAMELESS. We’re not lying when we say : our design is unique, we really try to make new and innovative.If you could summarise what you’re trying to achieve with Nameless in a simple sentence, what would you say?We feel responsible towards our customers and we always strive to make things, that will be more progressive, innovative and unique, without quality and functional losses.

What can we expect from the future for Nameless?More bold ideas. Gleb constantly wants to make more complicated previous models, and now some ideas create absolutely new looks for ergonomic of human clothing. There will be more descriptions – intellectual manuals – guide. It will be a description of architectural thought. There will be interesting material decisions from England, France and Italy. All of this will be presented in a perfect package – both physical and electronic. And, hope, that next year will bring us more collaborations.

Where can people buy Nameless?

Via our online-shop, instagram or Facebook. Also, for Moscow visitors they can buy our clothing in one of the local concept stores, called BNWT. We provide size consultations and measurements. We always happy to make more detailed and additional photos for our customers to make sure of our quality. We are always glad to any communication with customers.

Follow Nameless on Instagram.

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