Introducing The Cartocon Co.

Proper stockist The Cartocon Co. is based in Scotland and was founded in 2012. Having started with their own collection, they’ve since grown gradually, adding stuff they reckon fits well alongside their own bits and bobs.

Their website has a smart collection of stuff, especially accessories. It’s the kind of stuff you didn’t realise you needed until you saw it. Stuff like really nice notepads, a canvas wallet, various leathery things and a handwoven lanyard. Who needs a lanyard? You, that’s who. They’re put together by the lads behind the brand at home in Scotland and are one of those accessory-type-things that will look as good in everyday use and they will sitting on your desk, as if to convey a “Yeah, my keys are so important, I have to keep them on a lead”.

While I’m not sure a man of my advancing years could pull off such a cool accoutrement, there’s plenty of other nice/useful things to go on. A rasta toothbrush made out of wood? Check. A pin badge with an offensive message on it? Yep. What about a folding comb which can be carried in your pocket and pulled out should you wish to make like The Fonz and sort your barnet out.

Lads who are into nice coats and shoes are surely into nice other things too. The Cartocon Co. are the people for these nice other things.

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