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We recently sent high flying couple Joe Donovan and Sophia Rosemary up to the hills to put some of Swiss performance brand On’s latest outdoor gear to the test. You can read more about their adventures in the latest issue of the mag (which is on sale imminently, seeing as you asked). Like many of us, the pair have had their hectic schedules somewhat curtailed over the last year, and have found themselves wandering while wondering just what to do with this new found time thrust into their hands. For a while, taking a good long walk was pretty much the sum total of what you could do outside of your own home during lockdown. Perhaps one of the positives we can all take from this period is a rediscovered appreciation for the natural world around us. But with that should come a sense of responsibility to do all we can to preserve it.

On were already there. Maybe it comes from being born in one of the most stunning locations on earth – the Swiss Alps – but this is a brand that takes it’s environmental responsibilities very seriously indeed. One of the shoes that the pair put through its paces was the Cloudrock Edge Raw, which does its best to use sustainable technology. The upper of the Cloudrock Edge Raw features more than 80% total recycled Polyester. The ripstop vamp covering the forefoot alone is engineered from 100% recycled polyester (rPES). What’s more, the shoe is 100% dye and bleach free, which means zero waste water from textile and dye plants.

This isn’t a one off, either. On are constantly looking for ways to reduce their (and your) carbon footprint. Take the running shoe that is so sustainable you will never own it. Not because it’s unobtainable, but because it’s only available via a subscription service. It’s called the Cyclon and when you’re done with it, you return it to be recycled, and you get a new pair. And the sustainable cycle goes on… and on… and on.

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