JD Forever Forward Christmas 2023

We’re in that spell of the year when the festive advertising kicks in, and even if we’re not avid watchers of televisions anymore, YouTube and Insta will take care of making sure we see what the big retailers have to offer. John Lewis always bring out the big guns, but JD are running them close on that score this year. The high street and online incarnation of JD remains pointed at a younger consumer but it’ll be interesting to see if that appeal eventually stretches out, as the wider group relieved itself of the likes of Oi Polloi, Wellgosh and Xile. Where will the people who bought from those store shop, aside from Hip.

Anyway, back to JD’s advertising. For Christmas 2023, their ‘Forever Forward’ campaign celebrates the iconic JD Duffle Bag by placing it at the heart of the campaign, which celebrates 25 years of it being ever-present in British Youth Culture. It’s something synonymous with the JD brand and it definitely crosses age boundaries too.

This year’s advert celebrates British youth culture, engaging the current round of people that make it, and the bag that carries it forward. Rooted in authentic, relatable, real-life scenarios of JD consumers – from a first kiss, to kickabouts on the street with mates – the moments where the JD duffle has been ever-present accompanying athletes, artists, creators, and adventurers on their remarkable journeys, serving as a strong reminder that possibilities are limitless.

Onboard are recognisable faces like Kano, Central Cee, Cat Burns, Ants Live, Ella Toone, Nia Archives, Davido plus many more.

Give it a watch here

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