K-Swiss Irvine OG 50th & Classic 66 USA

Search on instagram for #adidasonly or #adidasonly_ and you’ll find over 30,000 results. That’s thirty thousand times the footwear loyalists have posted something to reinforce their fierce faithfulness to brand with a HQ in Herzogenaurach.

Nothing wrong with that, who are we to judge? But surely by rigidly placing all your eggs in one brittle basket, you’re depriving yourself and your feet of something a bit different from time to time. I had a spell in my early 20s where there were far too many pairs of adidas left to purchase for me to even think about trying another brand. I grew out of it. You wouldn’t do it with coats would you? My days of trainer bigotry are behind me, though my reverence for adidas holds strong.

These days I’m open to anything. It might be a swoosh, a big N, the trusty trefoil or something different enough to turn a head or boil some piss, like these K-Swiss. They should use that as a motto. Boil some piss by wearing K-Swiss. Maybe not.

The thing is though, they’re a lot more than some left of centre choice for people wanting to try something different. The brand itself has a rich heritage, having been founded in 1966, in L.A. The Swiss connection comes from the brothers who founded the brand, Art and Ernie Brunner, who decided they’d had enough of being dead good at skiing and instead fancied California and tennis. Taking the need for sturdy support from skiing footwear, they created K-Swiss.

Plus, if they’re good enough for Kenny Powers, they’ll do for me.

Get these at Oi Polloi.

K-Swiss-Feb5-SS16-01_1024x1024 K-Swiss-Feb5-SS16-02 K-Swiss-Feb5-SS16-03 K-Swiss-Feb5-SS16-04 K-Swiss-Jan11-AW15-01_1024x1024 K-Swiss-Jan11-AW15-02 K-Swiss-Jan11-AW15-03 K-Swiss-Jan11-AW15-04

Mark Smith

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  1. Mr Brown

    Massive on the early 80’s American foreign student scene. Along with,
    Button downs
    Brown blazers
    Square jaws
    Basketball skillz

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