Kapital at Garbstore

You know those Japanese brands that have a dead interesting story behind them? Kapital is one of them. But interesting as the story is, it’s a bit boring. Don’t tell anyone I said that.

Secretly, I lap all that trivia up and store it in a part of my brain none of my mates can see. Outwardly though, I’m just happy to look at nice clothes and sometimes buy them. Kapital are nice clothes which I’d sometimes buy.

Kapital were originally a master manufacturer of socks, school uniforms and jeans. That grounding means they know everything there is to know about fabrics, manufacture, machinery and you know, other shit.

The end product is what we’re interested in though. Sportswear and workwear, with posh, expensive socks. Those canvas pants look like something I’d buy to wear to the gym before realising wearing them to the gym is far too good for them.

But there’s something for almost everyone. Sure, it’s pricey for anyone outside Garbstore‘s West London environs, especially me. But it’s good stuff that’s well made. And it’s never false economy to spend big on good stuff that’s well made is it? Especially when there’s loads of trivia to gobble up and not ever mention to anyone.

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