Karhu and Knirps Celebrate Shitty Weather

With winter very much here now, Karhu and Knirps have combined for a special release built around the idea of community. The Karhu x Knirps Fusion 2.0 “Sh*tty Weather” pack is a collaboration between two equally unique and historic brands aimed at promoting friendship, sticking together, and providing comfort through life’s most challenging moments. It’s a sentiment we can all get behind isn’t it? When life’s weather gets sh*tty, the umbrella is the ultimate symbol of support and protection.

Back in 1928, Hans Haupt got sick of having to carry around his unwieldy traditional umbrella. He came up with the idea for a super small, foldable version that could be stashed away in a pocket once the weather cleared. Knirps was born, and with it came a revolution to the umbrella industry. Knirps, or “little guy” in German, is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative and quality umbrellas.

With their recent collaboration, Karhu and Knirps vow that they won’t ever leave you (or your footwear) out in the rain. Both colourways of the trainer utilise a rain-repellent mesh suitable for almost any shitty weather. The accompanying Knirps US.050 Ultra Light Slim umbrella is co-branded and small enough to carry with you at all times.

The Pack is exclusively sold at a select group of European sneaker boutiques, Karhu Concept Store Helsinki, Karhu Store Verona and on

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