Karhu Fusion 2.0 OG

Here it is again, Karhu, the brand adidas could have been. Well, sort of. It’s well documented that the three stripes so synonymous with Adi Dassler’s output were originally owned by the Finnish footwear heads. The trademark changed hands for about £1500 and two bottles of whisky, reputedly.

Today though, for me personally, Karhu is the one. They may not have enjoyed the world domination adidas have gone on to achieve, but we’re on the cusp of autumn and these Fusion 2.0 OG are all me.

They’ve got that sporty/hiking feel without being steadfastly being either. They’ve a foot in both camps. Camps, geddit?

Anyway, get yourself a pair. You’ll enjoy them.


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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