Kavu’s Teannaway Fleece Has You Covered

Founded in 1993 by Seattle native Barry Barr, Kavu celebrates its 30th birthday this year. Initially, the brand was sold out of Barr’s car, with the innovative strapcap coming to represent Kavu’s creative spirit. Three years later Barr gave up his main job and the side hustle became a main hustle. Kavu moved into a warehouse and a new chapter began. A new store followed in 2001, while their eyecatching rope bag was released in 2004.

It’s been a journey for Kavu, and today they make a wide range of clothing and equipment for the outdoor lifestyle. Their Teannaway fleece is a signature style, available in several different versions to suit all personalities, whether you’re a statement maker, an understated serious guy or somewhere in the shades between.

We can’t be sure, but the name is probably inspired by the Teanaway area close to Seattle, an area great for hiking. Note the slightly different spelling. These things are important, or maybe they’re not.

Kavu Teannaway Fleece (Sasquatch Hike)
Let’s kick things off with the standout design. If you can pull this off you’re probably the coolest person in your friendship group. It’s got bigfoot on it FFS.
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Kavu Teannaway Fleece (Pine Cone)
It being spring now means these weird little things will be everywhere. Naturally you’ll collect the biggest in your pocket then throw them at passers-by as if they’re hand grenades, then you’ll run off into the woods with a stick for a gun. Or maybe that’s just us.
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Kavu Teannaway Fleece (Duff Tie Dye)
Looking like a psychedelic tv interference, this is arguably the best of the bunch.
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Kavu Teannaway Fleece (Shadow Leaf)
Your Dad is here to collect you. He’s reliable, he looks after you. He wears this.
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