KEEN collaborate with Japanese Duo Loftman and Bamboo Shoots

Creating innovative hybrid footwear and encouraging time spent outside, KEEN continue to
evolve the UNEEK’s design by challenging Japanese based brands Loftman and Bamboo
Shoots to produce their custom colour designs for the iconic UNEEK silhouette.

Taking inspiration from the American original sneaker culture, Kai Kazuhiko of Bamboo Shoots
and Makoto Kimura of Loftman have created new colour directions based on traditional “MADE
IN USA” sneakers.

Both Bamboo Shoots and Loftman hold popular retail spaces across the Kanot and Kansai
regions of Japan respectively, with the in-house designer’s possessing a unique home-grown
style perspective, resulting in a modern interpretation of American-made design from a
Japanese point of view for KEEN’s brand staple, the UNEEK.

The UNEEK’s patented interlocking cord system with two polyester elastic cords conform to
the foot’s movement for a superior fit, combined with a microfiber heel for a soft hold. Bungee
laces make for easy on/off wear further enhancing comfort and ease, a design specification
originated by KEEN.

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