KEEN through the eyes of Garbstore

Never mind flavour of the month, KEEN are flavour of the year.

Although that phrase doesn’t quite work, you get the idea. Having worked with the American footwear brand a little this year, it’s been a pleasure to see their various new releases so well received. The latest comes in partnership with our old friends at Garbstore.

The summer is a time for experimentation when it comes to clothing and footwear. You can wear that bright pink t-shirt on holiday and truly be yourself, you can even wear some tie-dye clogs. Seriously.

This editorial shows the Japanese Yogui clog, a style brought back from the archives of the Portland brand, alongside the more familiar UNEEK style.

On the back of an absolute scorcher of a bank holiday weekend, it’s time to re-examine your footwear rotation and clear some space for KEEN.

See more at Garbstore here.

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