Klattermusen has all the Ansurs

Swedish Outdoor Specialists Klattermusen know the score. I can say this from personal experience, having sampled a wide range of their suave technical offerings a few years back.

The brand known as the climbing mouse has been around for almost half a century but it’s only now they’re really finding their feet in the UK market. While their considered, contemporary clothing works well, it also looks well too.

The Ansur jacket from Klattermusen is a windproof, breathable and water resistant style constructed from 100% organic cotton with rip-stop for added durability. With functional detailing throughout the style, this does not detract from the comfort of the Ansur and the Klattermusen logo to the chest completes the look.

The outdoors may pose a number of questions to the hiker, but Klattermusen have all the Ansurs.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Get hold of yours here.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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