La Paz Noronha Jacket

La Paz is the nautical but nice brand out of Portugal. This Noronha jacket is ideal for those Atlantic winds they get over there, though it’s not too big and sweaty either. Summertime can be a bit of a pain when it comes to us Northern jacket heads. Do we eschew the hood and parka for something a bit more short and sporty, or do we go with the usual grown up scally thing, albeit in a less heavy fabric? Decisions, decisions.

Lightweight and waterproof, it’s well priced and just the sort of thing every man should own. I can see myself in this, standing atop a barge, slowly crawling along a canal wearing an ironic sailors hat and a smile wider than that Kardashian girl’s derriere.

Stop imagining and click the link. It’s healthier.

You can get one now from Newfangle.

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