La Paz Teixeira Knit

I’ve probably done this ‘joke’ before but La Paz Teixeira puts me in mind of a gritty but talented midfielder who, at 27 is probably a little on the old side to get that big move he was touted to make a couple of years ago. That said, one of those mega-rich Russian clubs might come in during the window and offer him financial security for life.

None of those remotely has anything to do with this jumper, or should I say knit though does it?

The thing is, it speaks for itself. Look at those buttons, they look like crushed minstrels or something a squirrel may bury. 100% Shetland Wool, elbow patches, the whole works. It’s a real all-rounder, just like the aforementioned midfielder. See I knew I’ll get this post to make sense in the end.

Available from Newfangle Clothing.

lapaz lapaz2 lapaz3 lapaz4

Mark Smith

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