Laces Out! this weekend in Liverpool

Forgive the late notice we’re giving you on this, but this weekend sees the established event on Liverpool’s trainee/trab calendar celebrate its 9th edition.

Laces Out! Trainer Festival moves to the much bigger ACC Exhibition Centre for an event renowned for the array of rare sneakers on show. Trainers too. Same thing, but different name.

In particular resonance to the Liverpool heritage of the event, a brand new and unworn Liverpool Adidas Trimm Trabs in iconic red will be exhibited and put up for sale. Only 100 pairs were made when adidas opened its Originals store in Liverpool in 2007.

Laces Out!’s guest speaker is Lawrence Watson, the famous Hip-Hop photographer who shot the pivotal artists in NYC including Run DMC, Public Enemy and LL Cool J during the 1980s. He’s a key figure from the other side of the pond, where sneaker culture (as opposed to the slightly different trainer culture) began.

Reschedule any plans you had and set the satnav for Merseyside this weekend.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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