Lacoste G80 OG at Oi Polloi

Previously if you’d have asked me how I felt about contemporary Lacoste footwear I’d have gone off on one about how they should bring back the trainers that I got in Mallorca that looked a bit like Rod Lavers in the mid 80s. In fact I’ve said it so often to anyone polite enough to listen to my rant that I reckon word might have got back to crocodile HQ and they’ve brought them back. Though my pair had crocs on the tongues and a slightly different sole unit I’m still pretty sure they were a version of the G80. A shoe that I never saw anyone else in the UK wearing, which obviously made them all the more desirable. So whether you’re reliving you’re tennis label obsessed youth or just looking for a really cold pair of kicks then head over to Oi Polloi and get some Lacoste G80 OG here.


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