Lacoste L!VE Navy Hooded Jacket

I’m one of those pedantic swines who prefers brands who are known for a particular thing to play to their strengths. Anything by Fred Perry that isn’t a polo shirt tends to make me ponder a bit longer than normal. Anything by adidas that isn’t footwear, likewise. And of course this tends to apply to Lacoste too. Lacoste invented the polo shirt, albeit not calling it that initially, it being a tennis shirt really.

Of course I’m not narrow minded enough to dismiss something good just because of mild OCD. And with that in mind, have a butchers at this from Lacoste L!VE. It reminds me of APC or Margaret Howell, but it’s Lacoste. Some jump, that.

Anyway, check it out. It’s suave, as is the rest of the collection.

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Mark Smith

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