Lacoste Multi Colour Striped T-Shirt

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I don’t know about you but I’m dreaming of a Croc Christmas i.e. one in which I get given loads of lovely Lacoste gear. They’re one of a handful of brands you could say ‘just get me something from Lacoste’ to your other half and you know whatever they get you it’ll be ace. I’ve currently got my eye on this sweet striped Lacoste T-shirt they’ve got at Oi Polloi that’s made from quick drying fabric. A handy feature for this time of year if you spend as much time as I do around various types of liquids. Whether it’s gravy, Prosecco, grape Fanta, Snow Balls or those little shots of ginger that are supposed to cancel out hangovers, chances are I’ll be covered in the stuff at some point.

Buy a Lacoste Multi Colour Striped T-Shirt from Oi Polloi here.


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