Lacoste x Minecraft Brings Together Two Revolutions

Lacoste x Minecraft builds on the excitement of change.

lacoste x minecraft

Fresh off a collaboration with Peanuts, Lacoste is zoning in on a youthful aesthetic with another jovial collab: Minecraft. 

The collaboration between two revolutionary giants feels right when you consider their accolades: in 1933, René Lacoste and André Gillier’s tennis shirt changed the fashionscape of tennis. In 2011, Minecraft changed the way we think about videogames. 

Lacoste provoked individuality and expression. Minecraft encouraged people to build their own worlds, to take, brick by brick, the foundations for their own reality by the proverbial balls. Both are dictated by big main character energy. 

The collab features Lacoste pieces with reimagined logos that are cohesive with Minecraft’s lighthearted world. 

Stand out pieces include the shorts that directly embody the joy of summer, and t-shirts in buoyant colours. 

Head to Pockets to browse more of the collab. 

Lacoste x Minecraft at Pockets.

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