Le Coq Sportif LCSR1000

There was a time not too long ago when leaving the house wearing anything other than three stripes would have caused me do a bit of sick in my mouth. My brand loyalty to adidas remains as strong as ever. I’m almost fed up of saying it but growing up in a town where the UK HQ was situation made a big impression and as you’ll see in the forthcoming issue of Proper, that endures to this day, big time.

Since I turned 30 though, my roving eye has taken me in all manner of weird and wonderful directions, footwear-wise. I’ve rediscovered my liking for Nike, taken a big bite out of New Balance, sported more than a couple of pairs of Saucony and of course Reebok are now enjoying the benefit of my newfound open-mindedness when it comes to sports footwear.

We get sent an awful lot of stuff to feature on this here website and the majority gets binned. These pics from Le Coq Sportif were never in danger of that though. Once again, variety is the spice of life and I’m throwing furtive, suggestive glances at these LCSR1000s.

It’s one of those brands that retains that cool continental feel, with connotations of cool 80s football shirts and of course cycling. A lot of brands have tried really hard and failed of late, trying to manufacture some sort of unshakeable back story. Le Coq Sportif don’t need to do that, do they?

And you can snag yourself a pair from Urban Industry.

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Photo 01-04-2014 18 12 48

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Photo 01-04-2014 18 16 48

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