Le Coq Sportif SS15 Tricolor Collection

When it comes to football, there are few cooler brands than Le Coq Sportif. What they lack in market share and exposure, they more than make up for in really nice stuff and cool cultural significance.

St Etienne famously wore their shirts, while the likes of Paolo Rossi and Diego Maradona have won World Cups with the help of that distinctive triangular logo.

After a spell bobbing about doing good but not great bits and pieces in football, they’ve decided now is the time to reconnect with their roots and do some properly ace football inspired stuff.

Expect to hear and see a lot, lot more about this brand in a football context. They know the score, as this Tricolor Collection shows.

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Le Coq Sportif01 Le Coq Sportif1 Le Coq Sportif2 Le Coq Sportif3 Le Coq Sportif4 Le Coq Sportif5 Le Coq Sportif6

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