Les Deux Release Pre-Spring ‘24, Memory Lane Revisited

A celebration of nostalgia, tradition, and heritage, Les Deux’s Pre-Spring ‘24 collection, Memory Lane Revisited, includes an expressive range of rich winterwear with a focus on tactility, comfort, and classic patterns. 

Designed as a wardrobe for winter adventures into urban and rural wilds, the Danish brand’s collection visualizes this duality with a range of preppy and street, timeless and nostalgic styles, all shot in the dramatic setting of Scotland’s highlands and Edinburgh’s historic architecture.

“Duality sits at the foundation of Les Deux, and the contrasting settings of Scotland just completely fit into that theme. We loved Edinburgh’s preppy yet urban environment, and it was the perfect counterpoint to the soaring and untouched wilderness of the highlands,” said Mathias H. Jensen, Creative Director.

When designing the styles, the brand drew inspiration from scenarios like meeting friends or family during the depths of winter at a cozy pub or watching a local rugby or football match during the harshest weather. 

“These are places where everyone is welcome, and they host people from a wide range of backgrounds, which is something that really spoke to us. We imagined what styles people might wear at these sorts of community hotspots,” Jensen said. 

Key styles from the season include nostalgic and bold Fair Isle and Icelandic knits in distinctively vintage patterns, rich wool coats, heavily brushed long-haired overshirts, rugged bouclé hybrids, timeless merino rollnecks, fleecy jackets, relaxed corduroy pants, and warm wool suit pants. 

Meanwhile, the jersey selection has been expanded with new embroidered artwork incorporating a dual white and red rose with Les Deux lettering hidden in the petals, and footwear sees the addition of hard-wearing work boots with a springy memory foam inner. 

“Tactility was huge for us this season. It’s really important to me that we’re always looking to add an extra layer to our collections. I wanted people to find it as interesting exploring Pre-Spring ‘24 with their hands as they would with their eyes,” Jensen explained.  

Check patterns are placed front and center across the range with everything from coats, hybrids and shirts to accessories like bags featuring the classic and handsome look. 

The color scheme for the season is dominated by the colors of the Scottish wilderness, with peaty browns, smokey greys, deep evergreens, and muted russet. 

“I think one of the biggest challenges for any clothing brand is keeping that desire to push boundaries. The clothing you make should be comfortable, the design process shouldn’t. That’s how you evolve, and the new textures and styles this season have broadened our horizons to what’s possible in the future,” Jensen finished.

See more from Les Deux at their website, here.

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