Liam Gallagher pairs up with Clarks Originals

Photographed in what looks suspiciously like a pub, Clarks and Liam Gallagher are about to toast the release of a Champagne Shoe-pernova.

Limited to just a handful of retail outlets, these are sure to sought after by fans of both parties when they release on 21st October, and our friends in the North at Aphrodite are one of the privileged few.

Having previously linked up with adidas for Spezial and collaborated with everyone from Nigel Cabourn to Represent, Liam’s passion for fashion is well documented. In these days when downloads and streaming have reduced the number of zeros on a rock star’s bank balance, brand partnerships like this are all the more prevalent. Some musicians just put their names on things, but LG is a bit more precious and as such, smart stuff like these Clarks Originals Rambler shoes appear.

Set a reminder because something tells us they won’t hang around too long.

Head to Aphrodite for more info.

Mark Smith

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