Lightning Bolt Indigo Collection for SS15

That Jake Bugg character has gone a bit quiet hasn’t he? Remember when he did that song about a Lightning Bolt, where he sounded like a cat singing in the style of a recently-expelled schoolboy? Wonder what he’s up to. Hope he’s ok.

Without him filling our ears with East Midlands infused jangly pop, it’s left to a clothing brand of surfy substance to cover all our Lightning Bolt-based needs. This Indigo Collection for Spring/Summer 15 remains faithful to the slightly worn in surf steez we’ve come to expect from the brand, but crucially everything is a vibrant shade of blue which gives us the ideal opportunity to call it surf meets smurf. You can have that one.

Available now. Google it.

071MACAM304B42 071MAWSH601B29 071MAWSH601B29B

Mark Smith

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