Lightning Bolt SS14

I’ve just typed that title and that annoyingly catchy ear worm from Jake Bugg is now in my head. MAKE IT STOP!

What I wanted to do was talk about mad surfing clothes, not chew my cheek because my brain is bathing in jingly-jangly guitars played by a skinny lad from the Midlands. I’m just gonna crack on.

I bought a Lightning Bolt tee last summer while traversing London on my way to Brighton. I tried it on in a shop close to Brick Lane and was cheered to find it in the sale. It had a pocket on it and everything. I nearly bought some shorts too, but didn’t in the end. Crazy days.

Needless to say when I spied their latest offerings on another London-based online shop called The Great Divide (we talk about them a lot, because they’re really quite good) I was smitten. It’s like they know what I did last summer and they’re tempting me again with zany printed tees and general surf steez.

I’m going to leave you with the pics while I go and set fire to my ears. It’s the only way to make it stop.

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Mark Smith

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