Limited Edition New Balance 996

With all the classic 80s films we grew up obsessing over getting remade, it can surely only be a matter of time before the Back to the Future franchise gets reprised or revisited. It’d be bad, but in the weird channels of my mind, I’ve already thought deeply about it.

With Doc having met his soulmate in Clara and had two weird looking kids, it all looked pretty sewn up. Marty seemed settled too, with family life surely imminent with Jennifer. It’d have to be the one played by Elizabeth Shue though.

Speaking of shoes…


On his inevitable sojourn back to the Old West, Marty would surely eschew (love that word) his Nikes, especially after that old timer in the saloon claimed he must have got them “off of a dead Chinese”. Bit racist?

No, in place of his swoosh of Nike would be the N of New Balance. I’ve decided. No back answers. And considering these Tan coloured 996 are inspired by the writings of the Gold Rush and the Wild West, there surely can’t be a better shoe for Marty to head back to 1885 in. Of course it being Back to the Future, he’ll inevitable get proper vexed when someone suggests he’s a coward and the shoes will end up getting ruined, maybe by a flying spitoon or something. I’ve not thought that bit through yet.

Anyway, I’ve set them up, it’s late and you’ve probably had enough of reading this post and scrolled down to the pictures anyway. Get these at Need Supply.

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