Luxury Camping with a difference from Dometic

When it comes to living your best life outdoors, you can’t go far long by observing the nation of Sweden. Whether it be in the depths of their winters or taking a huge gulp of their clean summer air, the Swedes know how to create a harmonious relationship with nature.

The focus of the Scandinavian psyche on the collective rather than the individual is something we could all learn from. If I wanted to be flippant I’d suggest taking a Leif out of their book, but I’m trying to make a serious point here, stop distracting me.

While there are many grassroots ways in which to engage with the outdoors, sometimes it pays to go with something a little more luxurious. Dometic is a Swedish brand that helps bring comfort and class to the concept of roughing it.

If your trip away is so deep into the wilderness it requires you to drive, what better way to keep comfort key than by using your vehicle as a base. The traditional way to do this would of course be the camper van or maybe caravan/trailer tent. If that’s your sort of thing, Dometic have news for you. They’ve made an inflatable tent that sits smartly atop your car.

With a high-performance 12 V pump included, the Dometic TRT 140 AIR is fully inflated and ready to support your outdoor adventure in minutes. Housing two people, this innovative product keeps you a little further out of reach of any pesky predators, and utilises breathable polycotton material and mesh windows throughout, reducing condensation and providing comfort in cold and warmer climates.

If you plan to hammer the weekends away, you could do a lot worse than invest in one of these.

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