MA.STRUM Competition, win a Sniper Jacket! We have a winner!


Thanks for entering everyone, the lucky winner has been picked, congratulations to Mark from Eastleigh, who’ll be getting hisMastrum Sniper jacket very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for more competitions coming soon.

Our new mate Mark, looking forward to some stylish Snipering.

To help celebrate two great things that are happening in mid-November, i.e. the arrival of Proper Mag issue ten and the launching of MA.STRUM’s online shop. Our good friends over at Mastrum have given us this amazing sniper jacket (with wool liner R.R.P. £675) to give away to one of you very lucky readers. Anyone who knows their stuff will be familiar with this relatively new label who are faithfully carrying the ‘innovative outerwear’ torch originally lit by creative legend/genius Massimo Osti. Creating some amazing clothes we’re sure the maestro would approve of.

 To be in with a chance of winning this amazing jacket, you need to do two things:

Firstly, you need to sign up for the MA.STRUM newsletter here: 

Secondly, you need to post a comment below stating your jacket size and also the name of the best piece of outerwear you’ve ever owned.

The lucky winner will be announced in two weeks.  Keep up to date on the label here: 




  1. Best jacket ever owned; in quality it has to be my first barbour.( Cant remember the name of the model) Grey(!) mid-lenght waxed fantastic jacket. Bought in Leeds 1990.

    In size: L/XL (44″)

  2. XL in the Sniper

    Current favourite the Victorinox spring parka I got form our friend in Copenhagen, though it’s getting a bit cold for that now.

  3. Favourite bit of outerwear is my lovely olive Fjallraven Telemark. Size is XXL in the unlikely (but extremely welcome) event that I get offered the chance to sport an even lovelier bit of Ma.Strum this winter…..

  4. Medium

    Best jacket was and still is my Dad’s trusty sheepskin. I think he bought it before I was born and I wore it as soon as I was big enough to fit in it. An epic coat, that is durable, stylish and thick enough to guard against the mightiest of chills.

  5. Jason Nickel

    Size M for the contest and the best piece of outerwear I’ve own is a Filson Hunting Jacket.

  6. Blaydon_Racer

    Best jacket would probably be my Engineered Garments Mountain Parka…

    Until I win the MA.STRUM Sniper Jacket in medium please, obviously!!!

  7. Edward Lynn

    Size: M

    Best Jacket, probably Garbstore Mountain Parka!


  8. Nicky wood

    I’ll take a xxl please, best piece I have owned for the money was last years ma strum frigate parka

  9. Size L (left out above)

    My Gloverall Duffle coat, year after year of quality service that is never anything but timeless and classic.


  11. xxl please my skin it never doesnt fit wen iput on or loose weight,it keeps me warm or cool & it gets me sex wat can beat that

  12. Sise: S if poss otherwise M

    Favourite jacket is Heritage research Longline parka.

  13. A size large would be superb please if lucky

    Best owned jacket had to be an early S.I camouflage short winter jacket, was 2nd hand but hey class is permanent as they say in footy!

  14. Size Medium

    Best jacket I’ve ever owned has to be a Barbour Submarine jacket that my dad gave me, I wore it every winter until some thieving low-life stole it from my flat.

  15. Size Small

    Has to be my CP Company Multipocket Mille Miglia hands down. Superb jacket

  16. Size large.

    Best jacket — I’ve never owned a jacket, i once bought a Adi trackie top to go with my rockie boots (man, they looked good with my jeans tucked into my socks),

    OK too many to mention, and i change my mind on which is my favourite about every 2 days.

  17. Best outerwear i own is the Barbour metallic hooded international…a lot of jacket for the money…

  18. Size – M

    Ma.Strum torch in navy from s/s 10 – perfect fit, attention to detail is superb, looks the dogs, always getting noticed and asked about it.

  19. Mark Besant

    Would need an XXL.

    Hard to pick a favourite as there have been so many over the years, but the favourite currently in my collection is a Boneville double layer in Red. I have to pick this for the sheer amount of detail on the piece. Everytime it comes out of the wardrobe I notice something else i love about it. Classic Osti.

  20. I would love to win this jacket in a size medium.

    The best piece of outerwear owned has to be the CP Company Multipocket Mille Miglia from spring summer 2006.

  21. Size xl if I’m lucky please.

    Best jacket: Barbour Cowen Commando, simple military style from Britains finest!

  22. Warren Kent

    the jacket would have to be a size large.

    The best peice of outerwear i have ever owned has to be my 6876 sonora, Very technical, yet very casual at the same time, all round emmense jacket.


    SIZE: M



  24. size xxl
    best jkt owned would be winter cano ice jkt from the 80’s

  25. Size xxl

    My favourite piece of outerwear ive owned has to be the cp company explorer,goggle jacket.Classic jacket,
    good fit and looks the buisness on.

  26. My Gloverall Duffle coat, year after year of quality service that is never anything but timeless and classic.

  27. Size XL

    Favourite outerwear, an original 1940’s ventile smock.

  28. Size M would be needed!

    Best Jacket i’ve bought is the Heritage Research Modified Longline Parka in a dashing Apple Green colour. Made to last and great aesthetics. You can tell a lot of work got put into making it, as they haven’t produced many. Definitely a keeper and on the top of my list!


  29. Fredrik Pamrin

    I really like my Torch in green.

    The size is Large.

  30. Size Large.

    42/44″ Chest

    Favourite outerwear- Cabourn Arctic Parka.

  31. Size – Large

    Best jacket ever owned – without a doubt MA Strum carbon coated officers jacket aw/09/10 jacket with detatchable liner, the attention to detail and quality of this coat blows anything now or for the past 20 years away, great value for money, never been stopped so many times re an item of clothing i have been wearing,

    And as you can probably tell i would love to win this jacket!!!

  32. Size, medium I guess, 40″ cheast ?

    Best outerwear, well my latest buy is always the best so, R Newbold waxed cotton jacket, pretty much a copy of a Barbour Bedale but with the Mr Smith touches.

  33. Peter Gullberg Eriksson

    Ma Strum size – L

    Best piece of outerwear – easily Woolrich Arctic Parka

  34. Peter Gullberg Eriksson

    Ma Strum size – L

    Best jacket ever owned, Woolrich Arctic Parka.

  35. If I won, I would very Proud to wear an XL MA STRUM in the coming months, indeed.

    My all time fav jacket that I owned was… a Ellesse, navy blue, Aspen, from back-in-the day – ’83. A nice bit of kit that kept you snug as a bug.

  36. Size L

    Best pieces of outwear I’ve ever owned:
    AW – TheNorthFace Summit down jacket
    SS – Stone Island silver hooded antiqued reflective

  37. Mark Tweddle

    Size : M

    Best Outdoor Piece : Fjall Raven Winter Nordli keeps me warm in these winter days! not got the biggest collection of jackets though, so I need to get adding to it!

  38. Arild Breland

    XXL in Ma. Strum please.
    Best jacket I’ve owned… probably Paul and Shark Highway or Strellson Protection.

  39. Size XXL 🙂

    The best peice of outerwear i’ve ever owned is almost certainly the Stone Island antiqued reflective. Stunning cut and style, amazing fabric. I usually sleep with mine on i love it so much. no really. Either that or the CP Company Dynafil Mille.

  40. Slenderhan

    MA.STRUM size = XL

    Favourite jacket at the moment is my Stone Island Art No 50157232, double-breasted mac, which is my latest acquisition. Lovely finish with a slight shimmer, fantastically waterproof and a bit unusual-looking.

  41. Alejandro

    Size: M

    Best piece of outerwear: CP Company Metropolis (black)


  42. Julian Wisniewski

    Jacket Size in mA.strum: XL

    Best Outdoor jacket ever owned? My Woolrich Arctic Parka. Very warm, fits perfect for continental clima. Simple, but great design and all abilities you want on a jacket

  43. L in the sniper please.

    Best piece of outwear for me has to be The CP Company Tinto terra mille miglia in Grey, loved this piece and the fabric used. And only got better with age..

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