MA.STRUM Competition, win a Sniper Jacket! We have a winner!


Thanks for entering everyone, the lucky winner has been picked, congratulations to Mark from Eastleigh, who’ll be getting hisMastrum Sniper jacket very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for more competitions coming soon.

Our new mate Mark, looking forward to some stylish Snipering.

To help celebrate two great things that are happening in mid-November, i.e. the arrival of Proper Mag issue ten and the launching of MA.STRUM’s online shop. Our good friends over at Mastrum have given us this amazing sniper jacket (with wool liner R.R.P. £675) to give away to one of you very lucky readers. Anyone who knows their stuff will be familiar with this relatively new label who are faithfully carrying the ‘innovative outerwear’ torch originally lit by creative legend/genius Massimo Osti. Creating some amazing clothes we’re sure the maestro would approve of.

 To be in with a chance of winning this amazing jacket, you need to do two things:

Firstly, you need to sign up for the MA.STRUM newsletter here: 

Secondly, you need to post a comment below stating your jacket size and also the name of the best piece of outerwear you’ve ever owned.

The lucky winner will be announced in two weeks.  Keep up to date on the label here: 




  1. Englishcrusader

    XL in the Sniper pls.

    I own 5 MA.Strum Jkts and the quality compared to SPW is top notch but I have to be honest and pick my 1998 Summer Dynafil Metro, it’s construction is simply indestructable, if I had to choose a 2nd and 3rd? 2nd would be the AW07 SI Hooded Reflective and joint 3rd is the Frigate Parka, and the awesome AW07 CP truffle Explorer, The Frigate btw has ro be the warmest coat in existence ;-0
    Keep up the good work Donrad, Lorenzo & all at D&A


    close call this one both cp mille’s either the dynafil a/w 07 or 03 winter mille in navy both crackers

    ma.strum in the medium please

  3. gareth walsj

    the best jacket i have ever owned is the ss08 mille, truely is an amazing jacket and very versitile

    i think id need an xl please

  4. Don’t own any ma.strum jacket jet, but more and more like the brand.

    size XL

    my favourite outerwear/jacket is my Stone Island 4 pocket field type winter jacket in lino-flax with shoulderbadge.

  5. Size XL please.

    Favourite at the minute is a flap pocket Barbour Bedale.

  6. Size Medium.

    Apple green fisherman’s cagoule. Perfect for the summer over a shirt, simple, well made and just a stunning jacket.


  7. Straight Line 2

    I don’t wear jackets because I’m not a puff.

    xxl or xl if not.

    I’ll be flogging it obviously.

  8. Mastrum size = XL
    Best bit of outerwear probably OG Metro or frigate parka (if its cold enough)

  9. Nathan Simpson

    Size XXL please….

    Best piece of outerwear I have ever owned, hmmmm very tricky as I have owned so many that I hold in high esteem…

    Going to have to stick my neck out and say the 20th Anniversary Mille Miglia Jacket designed by Aitor Throup for C.P Company, the thought that went in to producing it was amazing!!

  10. Phillip Purvis

    Size Medium

    Toss up between the Ellesse bench coat I wore from the ages of 12 to 15 (I loved that coat) and the CP watchviewer mille from S/S 2008 in khaki. I’ll side with the CP

  11. Size Small

    Best piece of outerwear i’ve ever owned was my first stone island jacket, was a pretty plain black hooded jacket which is now no longer due to excessive wearing, so can’t get the art number, but it was special because i was only 16 when i bought it and had been saving up for weeks doing a milk round 🙂

  12. love me jackets, cp milles, stone island, belstaff. but at the minute ma strum is top dog. got the s/s torch in green an the condur jacket should be arriving soon. would like to add the sniper in a xxl if possible!!!!

  13. Size Large

    Favourite jacket is the C.P. Company Urban Protection Move

  14. Size L

    Mastrum Frigate, Torch or my Carbon Coated of course 😉

  15. Size L

    My best jacket? Have to say my Fjällräven Greenland winter for serving me through freezing winters.

  16. MiltonPFC

    im 26″ pit-to-pit …..old school 54 in CP …. so XXXL i think in MaStrum

    Current favourites … for Summer, CP ’03 Sandblast Mille and for Winter the CP Urban Protection Munch.


  17. Size: M

    Would have to say the Albam Fishermans Cagoule

  18. Stone Island Shadow Goretex Stealth
    Size L
    though have high hopes for the forum jacket

  19. Dafydd James

    The best outerwear piece I’ve ever owned is my Barbout Metallic International in blue, great shimmer to it!

    Size Medium please!

  20. size XXL

    my favourite purchase is either my beige paul&shark Scoop typhoon 20000 version or my black s/s og metropolis…

    havent owned a ma.strum jacket yet but definately a brilliant brand and a real tribute to osti..


  21. Size Medium please.

    Best piece of outerwear ever owned would have to be my Sage AW Stone Island Hooded Reflective.

  22. Nuno Barbsoa

    Size XXXL

    Best jacket I’ve owned…hard to say but my vintage Norrona is up there.

  23. The size i think i’d need is L.

    A difficuilt question as i’ve sold up my winter jackets. Best has to be an OG Metropolis though.

  24. size M

    the best jacket i owned so far was 2003 Mille Miglia sandblast, amazing piece in my eyes.

    nice gesture!

  25. poppasmurf

    Size Large,

    Best Jacket ever now that is hard.

    Have to say the 6876 Jaques 2 Jacket very simple, superior technical fabric to most and very good to wear.
    From memory probably the cheapest coat I own.

    And the Anni Mille thanks Jammin.

  26. CP Company dynafil watchviwer in truffle…….fantastic jacket and colour !!

    Size XL

  27. David Low

    Size XXL.

    Best outerwear I’ve ever owned, difficult to choose but a 96/97 Massimo Osti Hooded Thermojoint in green, loved it, the Mrs hated it which just added to my love of it.

  28. Darren Williams

    oooops…forgot to add my size….I’m XL

  29. Ian Dawson

    Hi I’m Ma Strum size XXL

    The best piece of outerwear I own is the Officers jacket with detachable inner form the first season of Ma Strum. It is a light grey colour and has a watchviewer onthe left sleeve.

    It has touches of Osti but with a wearable material and updates that bring it into the new millenium!

    Truley stunning in it’s simplicity!


  30. Darren Williams

    Difficult question but for looks SI A/W07 pewter field reflective, for everyday winter wear and practicality CP 4N60 dynafil field without a doubt.

  31. Andrew Ross

    I’m a size L and my best piece of outerwear would be my 07 stone island field reflective

  32. Chris Whittles

    Size L
    Best piece of outerwear…….Stone Island Special Resins Art 34154730.
    Perfect fitiing, totally waterproof, great detailing. Was a daily wearer and sadly missed.


  33. xxl in Ma.Stum

    Best jacket is my Ma.Strum Frigate in navy, superb quality and a cracking price too.

  34. Maarten van Esch

    Size M.

    Best piece of outwear i’ve ever owned must be my first Lacoste jacket i’ve bought of of my first weeks wage.

  35. john sneddon

    xxl in the ma strum best jacket ever had has to be the goggle jacket fashion icon

  36. Mirza Muminovic

    My jacket size is XL.

    The best jacket I own is C.P. Company Urban Protection Munch.

  37. I’m a small, and the best piece of clothing I ever owned, is the Nigel Cabourn Rangoon beeswax jacket.

  38. A black bomber jacket with “Castrol GTX” on the back. Sold it to a bloke from Norwich on ebay years ago. Still lose sleep over it. Never should have let it go.

  39. Probably the CP Company Mille Miglia 88 racer jacket. I paid 2,000,000 pounds for it and it fit like a sack of shit but I had one and that makes me cool now right?

    I don’t know what size I am, I usually just spend shitloads on impressive stuff and hope it fits in order to be famous in that sort of area.

  40. Size Medium

    Best jacket, probably a Fjall Winter Nordli, simple but effective

  41. Mark Ronson

    XXXL please so I can try and cover up the fact I’m a massive cunt.

  42. Jordan Walker

    Quite a hard one this, as rarely buy jackets/coats due too money and the likes, I’d say probably my Orange Stone Island hooded ventile, great jacket, not very thick, but the ventile fabric is superb. Also: bit dated, but my old Paul and Shark Typhoon 20000, great jacket.. Now’a days, I love my 6876 sonora, great jacket, taped seams, lovely slight shimmer too it, and very pratically casual! Look forward to the next Proper mag, cheers!
    *forgot too add my size first time round, XL fellas sorry.

  43. Jordan Walker

    Quite a hard one this, as rarely buy jackets/coats due too money and the likes, I’d say probably my Orange Stone Island hooded ventile, great jacket, not very thick, but the ventile fabric is superb. Also: bit dated, but my old Paul and Shark Typhoon 20000, great jacket.. Now’a days, I love my 6876 sonora, great jacket, taped seams, lovely slight shimmer too it, and very pratically casual! Look forward to the next Proper mag, cheers!

  44. xxl in the ma strum please
    Loads to choose from but for value for money and to be a bit different would be p&s typhoon 2000 winter.

  45. Daniel Abrahams

    Outer wear best purchase has to be my G-100 wooly hat by Fjall Raven, but if you mean jackets etc, then surely the best is my Aquascutum brown hooded puffa, with leather tags and zip fasteners. It is a classic, fully lined piece of British clothing art.

    Size L.

    Keep up the good work.


    Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

  46. Biff Loman

    Size: XL

    Best piece of outerwear owned: 1970s Gloverall duffle with real horn toggles. A heavyweight piece of classic British kit that makes me feel like Jack Hawkins in The Cruel Sea when I’m wearing it.

  47. Gianni Ceresa

    Hi, my size is USA 38/40, EU 44, or S

    My fav in the summer was a Stone Island jkt produced in the 1978 with total white ITS ARTEA fabric with gray refractive band

    for the winter i love the double Mac by FILSON

  48. David Elders

    Bottle green Hugo Boss Sport Champ-Air with detachable inner. Beautiful and understated.

    Just beating the old classic sand Aquasqutum mac, black leather Chevignon blouson and dark brown Barbour wax smock with 3 enormous buttons at the neck and a hood you could fit a crash-helmet into!

    As many X’s and an L as you can squeeze out of the fabric please! I’ve let it slide!…

    I’d only seen the sniper in the red before today – the yellow looks [ironically] far more ‘proper’! 😉

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