MA.Strum FD-3 Bomber Jacket

This is the kind of jacket the Incredible Hulk would absolutely dread. Bruce Banner though, might appreciate it.

“What’s he wittering on about now?” you may ask.

Well if you can fight the urge to just look at the pics and click the link I’ll tell you. This Bomber jacket is made from riptop parachute fabrics. Imagine Lou Ferrigno all green’d up with his Worzul Gummidge hair on, but his clothes simply won’t rip. Would that solve Bruce Banner’s problem? Would it eventually allow him to live a normal life? Maybe MA.Strum is his saviour.

Or maybe it’s just a nice coat you should buy because it looks good? And maybe I’ve had a bit too much to drink.

MA.Strum at Number Six London

bombgreen-front_1 bombgreen-inner_1 bombnav-front_1 bombnav-pocket_1 bombred-front_1 bombred-side_1

MA.Strum at Number Six London

Mark Smith

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