Bigger is Better with Lacoste Crocodile Prints

From micro to macro: Lacoste is feeling bold. 

Some things are best subtle and some things sing loud and proud. Lacoste has decided to sit on both sides of the fence with a range of macro crocodiles prints on their summer range. 

The tone might’ve been set when Lacoste collaborated with Minecraft, or maybe it’s always been their intention, but one thing’s for certain: big and bold Lacoste strikes a chime. 

The tennis gear giant’s summer output features huge crocs spread across sweatshirts and shorts, and even a tuned-up rugby with an oversized logo on the breast. 

It’s brazen and unmistakable, and marks a departure from the traditional subtle branding. Head to Pockets for a full range. 

Lacoste at Pockets

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