Maharishi AW16 Camo Smock


The theory goes that our interest in jackets and footwear goes back to our childhood. ┬áThere’s a reason we end up dressing like those archetypal heroes in the comics, cartoons and films we all watched. A yellow mac like Mikey from Goonies, maybe some Keds like Ray Brower. Or maybe a big orange smock like Action Man. It’s a weird roleplaying game.

With all that in mind, what on earth does all this gear from Maharishi appeal to? Is it my inner ninja? Is it some sort of tropical special forces show off? It’s probably best not to examine it all too deeply, just in case you disappear up your own trumper, which I did about 11 words into this post.

See more of these at Peggs and Son anyway. I’m off to shoot imaginary insurgents with a stick fashioned into a gun.


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