Maharishi DPM Bonsai All Terrain Blazer

You might have noticed blog posts on here and elsewhere declaring “camo’s back”. But for us it never went away, we just couldn’t see it.

How many times can we make that joke without it getting old? Plenty, it seems.

Anyway, this season sees Maharishi bring us their interpretation of the classic deconstructed blazer and add a little of their signature style, Camo.

This time using toned down DPM fabric making the blazer highly wearable yet easily identifiably, Maharishi.

Here’s the spiel…

*Slim fit
*Two font flap side pockets with snap fastening
*Compact Cotton Twill
*DPM: Bonsai All Terrain

It says here:

Maharishi aims to convey a strong anti-war sentiment through its use of camouflage – reclaiming its symbolic value away from war, back to its roots in nature and development by artists and to highlight objections to continued 21st century warfare. This message is best described in DPM: Disruptive Pattern Material, a 944-page encyclopedia of camouflage by Hardy Blechman.

We couldn’t put it much better. War is rubbish but camo is top. This is a good example. Buy it.

Available here:–jackets.html

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