Maharishi get in tents with Heimplanet

Yes, sorry. Poor pun. In tents. Intense.

We all know Maharishi don’t we? Around since the mid-90s, the DPM kings have made a name celebrating and playing with camouflage and this latest partnership is a continuation of that.

Heimplanet are the kings of geodesic dome tents and having sampled a couple of their futuristic creations I can tell you they’re brilliant. The original inflatable tent from 2011, entitled ‘The Cave’ is the canvas on which this collab is applied, using Golden Tigerstripe lining on the interior. It’s got enough room for you and a couple of friends plus your gear and its construction makes it durable in even the most wild wind and persistent precipitation.

The limited collaboration available exclusively at

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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