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One of the rarely discussed challenges of modern life is that of maintaining an ambient temperature in your home or office. Winter comes along, elbows out, muscling its way to the forefront of the climate, demanding we wear coats, thicker socks and what have you. Then when we go indoors we no longer need these accoutrements of combatting coldness. It’s a bloody nightmare and one I’ve been putting off discussing because it irks me so.

As anyone who bravely faces this challenge on a regular basis knows, it’s all about balance. Ensuring your heating system is pulling its weight in the most economical fashion is one thing, but trapping said heat in a room can be both a blessing and a curse.

This isn’t one of those rubbish SEO posts that sometimes appear on wordpress sites btw. Trust me, I’m coming to my point.

In these times of viruses and general nastiness, it’s important to employ a disciplined approach to doors. Does it need closing and blocking with a draught excluder? Maybe. Maybe not. Sometimes though, there can be no doubt it needs leaving open for a bit. Even if this leads to a drop in the room temperature, it’s an essential thing to do if you wish to allow air to circulate freely in your home.

And that, my friends is where Wedgie comes in. These wonderful wooden doorstoppers take famous figures from popular culture (plus the Queen, bit weird) and marry them with an enduring, functional use. That of stopping your door from closing.

Maybe you’ve cooked a big meal and you need to leave the door open to allow moisture to make haste its escape? Wedgie is here for that very purpose. Sure, you could just move the bin or jam one of your gardening shoes under the door but that’s slovenly and if that’s your game you shouldn’t really be reading this.

No, it’s the details that count and in that regard, Wedgie provide the little things that set you apart from your neighbours. Whether you need to wedge your door open to keep the ambient temperature regulated or you just want to own something really nice that you might use if you want to, they’re a nice thing to have.

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