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When we first set up the whole Proper Magazine thing we never imagined we’d be writing about actual fashion shows, let alone attending them. Lucky for us then that we found ourselves self-consciously sauntering about Paris this time last year. We’d be there now if we didn’t have loads of other stuff going on.

Anyway, having seen the usual suspects last time out, we’d be interested to check out the MAN show which begins tomorrow in Paris having already showed off in New York.

The goal of MAN is to showcase brands and collections who all have their own identities during men’s fashion week in Paris.

MAN is created by Antoine Floch (former Surface to Air / Rendez-Vous shows) andRomain Bernardie-James and Olivier Migda from the creative agency The Imaginers inParis.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Paris doing that self-conscious sauntering we mentioned, we recommend you check it out.

MAN Paris : January 21st-23rd 20125bis Rue Froissart – Paris 3

On another note, the branding and imagery of MAN is original photography brought to us by MAN organiser, Antoine Floch who shares with us his personal archive of photographs of family and friends climbing in the Alps. These and the rest of the images will be available to view at the show. Smart.

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