Mephisto Rainbow Mid Heritage at Yards

Can’t be just me who opened the door the other morning and went “Oh, I’m going to slip over in these fashionable sports shoes aren’t I?”

Well, words to that effect anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got loads of shoes that are appropriate in icy conditions, keeping out the cold, moisture and fending off black ice. But none of them do the job in quite the same way a pair of Mephisto Rainbow do. Yards have several options on these, but these orthopaedic-chic mid versions will look 43% cooler on your feet than they look on these pictures. And they look pretty smart in the pics.

Mephisto made their name manufacturing comfortable yet durable shoes where form followed function. Not for them the fickle world of fashion with its bright colours and competitive price points. What you see here is what you get, and what you’ll keep getting for many years. These are an investment in the future, one in which you’re less likely to fall on your arse.

See more at Yards.

Mark Smith

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